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Audit Management System
Audit Management System


Auditing is an important aspect of any company. Auditing is a verification of Accounts and financial records of the company. Auditing takes place periodically to determine the accuracy and reliability of the company’s accounting statements and reports. There are different ways of auditing based on the types of auditing.

External auditing one of the types is performed by Certified Public Accounting firms on behalf of the government. Internal audit is another type performed by an audit team established in an organization. They ensure the meeting of objectives by evaluating the risk and control management.

AMS application developed for the management and maintenance of auditing processes and reports in the company. It involved both the processes of auditing i.e. internal as well as external audits.

AMS application provides easy and fast auditing management for different projects of the company enabling them to streamline cumbersome auditing and report-generation tasks and give stakeholders more time to focus on project completion and other more critical activities. AMS application developed by a team of experts for serving the audit process maintenance in the companies. So whenever an external auditing team visit the company for auditing purpose it’s easy for them to examine the audit report and it is easy for both company as well as auditing team. They can conclude the auditing in less time.

Features of AMS application

Important Features of this Application

It very simple application and very easy to use. Auditing is a very big task but by using this application auditing will become much simpler.

There are two types of auditing in this application Local audit and Test Audit with respective reports.

Reports available for Test auditing are status report, awaiting reply report, Replied Awaiting Settlement, and settled report.

Auditing will continue up to the last stage if not settled in the first stage. This involved Sending back, Replying, and forwarding.

Officers can upload PDF files for reference.

Supports integrating with other web applications.

Different reports available based on the audit status are settled report, reply awaiting report, replied report, and status report for Local audit reports.

Both auditing types have different levels such as Observation, Objection, MFAI (Major Financial Irregularity), IAR (Internal Audit Report), Preliminary slips, LTAR, FSOC/FSC, Draft paragraph, and audit paragraph.

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