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Project Management System


No matter how big or small the company is, maintenance of projects is a very crucial aspect as it involves various stages with different follow-ups, tracking and meeting milestone deadlines, execution of actions, etc. Integrating all these project works & related tasks in one place is very important. PMS application is the one-stop solution to all those needs. PMS application has various attractive features that help to maintain or organize things professionally.

Since the project involves various aspects User Manual helps the usage of the application clearly in detail as it has screenshots attached and explained in steps with workflow diagrams so that new users of the application will get a clear picture of the working flow.

PMS application is developed for all types of companies no matter what type of projects the companies are working for. This application helps smooth and neat maintenance and tracking of the projects hence indirectly helping in tracking the performance of the employees. PMS application serves many companies and project managers are very happy in using this application.

Features of PMS Application

Important Features of this Application

It is one of the biggest projects developed by the VTS for management and documentation purposes.

Using this application is a road map for any project starting from pre-project initiation to maintenance of project tasks which includes Initiation, Milestones, Actions, Meetings, Agendas, Schedules, etc.

It has the option for pre-project initiation for those projects which are coming up and sanctioned.

PMS application serves best and easy to understand usage of the application as every project point is arranged neatly and hence easy to use.

PMS application is end-to-end secured and can be protected by strong passwords as users have different access based on their roles.

This application has features such as Committee formation, Scheduling meetings, Auto sending of meeting invitations to the committee members, generation of minutes of meetings, Action assigning and submitting, Risk handling, Document repository for uploading project-related documents, procurements, reports, etc.

Complex things such as maintenance of documents, preparation of reports, assigning tasks, monitoring project milestones, etc. made easy and online.

Alerts will be sent to the officers if any work is being assigned to them and if they delay in submitting, they can request for extension of PDC (Probable date of completion) hence application is considered as officer's friendly application.

It provides reports in graphical representation - Bar graphs, Pie charts, and Gantt chart format. Also, reports can be exported in different formats such as Excel, doc, PPT PDF, etc.

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