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Stores Inventory System
Stores Inventory System


This application is used for the maintenance of all the store transactions in any company. It keeps records of all the expendable and non-expendable materials.

This application replaced the traditional way of records maintenance and made the transactions easy on one go along with tracking, printing reports, and generating various reports.

Features of SIS Application

Important Features of this Application

It helps the user to do EXIV for Non-Expendable Items with proper EXIV details.

Auto CPRV posting is similar to CRV Posting. It can be done for both expendable and non-expendable items.

It helps the user to create a Central Stock stationary request with all the details.

It helps to get the print for a particular range of pages with all the distribution details.

The Gate Pass process will be done for Returnable and Non-Returnable Items. For Non-Returnable Items further distribution deduction will be done.

It helps users to get daily reports for particular dates.

It helps users to get reports for particular ICC.

It helps to generate an Internal Return Receipt Voucher for a particular disposal number.

It helps to prepare a Non-Returnable Material Gate Pass for a particular EXIV number.

It helps users to get the sanctioned list for central stock items.

It helps the user to select a particular CRV No. and perform posting for expendable and nonexpendable items. Posting can be performed in two ways; the user can post by searching the ledger for similar Items, or the user can post on a new ledger page.

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