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Quality evaluation is a linear process that includes various actions, tasks, inspection, verification, evaluation, observation preparing reports, etc. by the dedicated expert teams. Each team has to spend their own time for careful inspection and quality evaluation from end-to-end and prepare the report. Usually, quality evaluation is a tedious task hence consuming a lot of time in the long process.

To fast-track this process QUEEN application is developed that converts the process into online is called smart work and is transparent. This application shortcuts the time utilized and saves a lot of time in releasing the projects without extending the project deadlines.

QUEEN application is a web-based application developed for Windows OS. All the quality evaluation process takes place in this application. The status of the request can be viewed by any of the related officers once a quality evaluation request is raised by the indenters who are the officers of the aircraft company. Indenters track the quality evaluation process and can track the status of the QAM request sent. Initially, it undergoes an approval process followed by an inspection process after a senior QA rep member/employee assigns the request for a group of QA rep team for the inspection. That team is a dedicated expert team for the inspection activities. They start the inspection and send the inspection report to the assigned QA officer and they will forward it to the responsible higher officers for the approvals. All this will be observed by the indenter in the status tracker as he gets notifications whenever a QAM request is moved to the next level in the inspection process.

QUEEN Application

More about QUEEN Application

QUEEN is a package for tracking the QA clearance status of all airborne/Ground Units and confirming that QA-cleared systems/subsystems are only integrated into the main system. As already said this application gives an end-to-end solution to all QA activities online and reduces the number of paperwork and delays in QA clearance.

Preview and print options of all the QAMs are available for the officers who are indenters and also for approving officers as well as the QA rep team. Notifications will be sent to all the officers whenever QAM status changes till the completion of the quality evaluation process.

Quality Evaluation and Ensure System
Features of QUEEN Application

Important Features of this Application

This application is very user-friendly and hectic-free.

It reduces time consumption in inspection and evaluation.

Reduces paperwork in maintaining records manually.

Referring or searching for a particular document or report will happen in seconds

Maintaining all the files and documents and searching is a tedious task every day. This application replaces the tidiness of any officers who want to maintain a stack of files and documents for inspection purposes and makes it stress-free.

Preparing reports is not at all cumbersome. Because reports are generated automatically. Officers just preview and download or take printouts any number of times hence no panic if one file is misplaced or lost.

Highly secured to protect the data from external access.

It is possible to view the status of the file/inspection request at any time by any officers

Inspection files move smoothly from one officer to other higher officers in no time and with transparency.

If one officer is not available or outstation no worry to wait for him. Other similar authorized officers have access to approve and forward the files.

It is developed by an expert group in an agile environment with tremendous research, discussions, and continuous testing in different environments.

Indenters do not need to remind/approach the other officers to approve the documents for a long time. Everything will happen with this QUEEN application automatically.

QUEEN Application

User Friendly App

QUEEN Application is flexible, lightweight, and user-friendly. Anybody can easily understand the provided flow charts and user manual for convenience. The application is updated / customizable to ease the officers’ work.

QUEEN application serves the best for officers in the long process of approvals of QAMs and makes it simple and short. QUEEN application helps in fast-tracking the projects and delivering quickly by simplifying the approval process.

Most importantly people-to-people communication will reduce the process which has always contributed to the delay of the inspection process.

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