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RFP Wizard


The RFP wizard application is a web application software for employees of big companies or organizations also for service sector employees of any organization who want to raise the demand for any raw materials, equipment, furniture for the workspace, recruit contract employees, outsource, foreign employees, delegates for their projects, etc. It is a completely transparent and very simple application already being used by many companies. And they are happy to use it.

According to them, it is very user-friendly and easy to use, and approvals happen very quickly by the higher officers and reduce the waiting time.

RFP, request for proposal wizard is the application of smart companies. Usually, the traditional way of requesting or demanding any resources from the company management takes months and even years. There it’s a lot of time and money wasted. All those things have not at all in the picture who have adopted this application for their organizations/companies.

Features of RFP wizard Application

Important Features of this Application

This application is ready to use once it is installed in the officer's computers just by creating login IDs.

Approving officers or senior officials get notifications and they will approve or send back if they are not satisfied or the demand raised is against the terms and conditions of the organizations or in any other cases.

In case approving officers are unavailable/outstation some other signing authorities will approve and forward the files hence avoiding delay in project launch.

Officers can see the status of their demands as the demand undergoes the approval process, they will get updates immediately.

Demand can be raised for various purposes either for project or office purposes.

This also has to facilitate budget and account maintenance and hence money flow will be monitored for every project of the company separately.

Reports will be generated for all the transactions so they can be exported and printable.

The application is very simple and user-friendly, and no ambiguity in understanding the flow of the application.

The application is highly secure as it has monetary transactions that provide privacy, security, and data integrity for the company.

This application is a web-based application once installed it is ready to use on any basic Windows computer.

It will also work without an internet connection hence no need to wait if the internet is disconnected.

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